Thursday, 31 December 2009

31 12 09

Now that Christmas is just about over, and the new year is literally hours away, it's time to think about what's going to happen next. For me, its my birthday! The bad news is I'm only 19 days away from turning 22 - urgh! But the good news (without sounding too much like a spoiled brat) is that I get more presents!
I had been looking at these shoes from Miss Selfridge:

I tried on a size 7 which were massive, and then the 6 came up so tiny that it pinched my toes. I guess unfortunately it's not meant to be, which is a shame because they are gorgeous! So I sent them back, and hopefully I might be able to find a similar pair somewhere else.

Also, my wardrobe situation is DIRE. At the moment I'm sharing (yes, sharing!) a tiny corner cupboard with my boyfriend. I have such a small amount of space I have about 4 bin bags of clothes in my loft because I just do not have the room for it all! Plus I have to keep my coats in my mum's wardrobe and my shoes in a big box under the bed! This is what I'm dealing with:

Horrific! Maybe one day I will have a beautiful walk in boudoir/wardrobe room, but for now I'll have to make other arrangements! Thankfully we have decided to get one of those all-in-one Ikea wardrobe units with the built-in draws etc. like this but with sliding doors on the front:

Currently in my teeny tiny wardrobe I have managed to squeeze in:
10 blouses/shirts
4 t-shirts
7 vests
5 other tops
6 bodies
11 cardigans
9 jumpers/sweaters
4 blazers
12 skirts
3 pairs of shorts
1 pair of trousers
3 pairs of leggings
2 playsuits and
31 dresses

Which comes to a grand total of 108 items of clothing!!!! In that tiny space!
So once our brand new wardrobe arrives, I can organise everything into neat sections, and I might even sell a few things that I haven't worn in a while because after sorting through everything I have in my wardrobe it's quite obvious that it has gone way past an addiction! Not that I want to stop hoarding, I'm just making room for more!!

PS: Happy New Year to you all!

17 comments: said...

Just amazing!

Happy New Year, darling Penny!


wishwishwish said...

those shoes are amazing! x

VerseaStyle said...

Totally cute shoes.. hope you find some to fit :) I just got out of the same closet debacle when I bought a new house... I so feel ya

Sara Bow said...

omg i'm so in love with your shoes :D

they look AWESOME!


Helen Cox said...

Love the shoes, it's a shame they don't fit! A wardrobe audit is such a good idea for a blog post - methinks I will be nicking that idea sometime soon! :o)

Silk Ties & Striped Shirts said...

Lovely post! I love those shoes!

Womens Leggings said...

I love these shoes! They're gorgeous!

caroline said...

those heels are amazingly beautiful!

Anonymous said...

those shoes leave me speechless, I would wear them to bed.
Rosie xo

Eleanor said...

Hellew Penny! Where have you gone? We miss you!

prince said...

great shoes

FESI-NOIR said...

Those shoes are perfect!!

xx fesi-fashion

Tracey said...

You need to update this blog STAT!


Louise said...

I've been lusting after those shoes for aages! They're so gorgeous!
Contents of your wardrobe are pretty similar to mine too, haha!


coco said...

I was drooling over those shoes. Too cute! I love your blog and have given you an award. Please come to my site to pick it up.

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Adora Mehitabel said...

Happy new year