Tuesday, 7 April 2009

7 4 09

In one of the newspaper supplements last Sunday there was an interview with Miss Polly Rae about 'silver screen hair and retro make-up'. I thought I would put up some of the tips she gave because she always looks so glamorous!


1. "There's an art to doing retro styles. To create classic 1940s victory rolls, first put your hair in pin curls and leave it to set. Backcomb to make the hair more malleable, then use a bristle brush to smooth it out. Twist the hair around the fingers, curling inwards, back towards the head. Pin with kirby grips, then spray with Elnet."
2. "My hair is quite limp, so I have clip-in extensions that I dye to match my natural colour."

If that explanation sounds a bit complicated, here are some of my favourite video tutorials of how to get pin-up hairstyles:

I really want to get some of those foam rats to make some victory rolls with. If I do try one of these hairstyles I will definitely post some pictures!


1. "I go for the typical 1940s look: pale, flawless skin, strong eyebrows, eye shadow in the creases of my eyes, thick black liner, layer upon layer of mascara, bright red lipstick and the token beauty spot."
2. "It's always got to be red lipstick. I've just found a new one, Mac's Lasting Lust, a true red. This is the only one that doesn't come off."
3. "You're not complete without strong eyebrows. Pencil them in with Mac eyebrow pencil in Strut."
4. "I use Stargazer, the classic stage lashes. I had to hunt them down, but now they are everywhere."
5. "To add sparkle, I apply an iridescent Mac shimmer powder on my body, and touch it up during intervals."

I found a handy tutorial on youtube of how to do vintage pin-up style make up:

All quotes are from The Sunday Times Style Magazine


laurakitty said...

I love classic '40s style make up and hairstyles, but I have the worst trouble doing any of the hairstyles- I do everything perfectly and then they just fall apart! I think my hair might be a bit too long, which is such a disappointment.

oniomania said...

i have yet to master this hair style, you would not beleive the amount of times i have tried. it is so hard... i think its because my hair is layerd and tends to have a mind of its own. i am so jealous of those who can.

janettaylor said...

I love the first make up and hairstlyes!

xoxo: Janet

KB said...

They come in nude/black, which is kinda more like the original. I prefer the white though for my skin tone.

maçã said...

The tutorials are very cool! I wish that I can look a little with a pin up, I love them! The problem is that I'm not thin enough and my skin is not that pale, because I love sunbath! * I'll be waiting for your photos ;)

The Clothes Horse said...

I wish I had the patience to do something so incredible with my hair!