Tuesday, 31 March 2009

31 3 09

I have been catching up on Season 2 of Mad Men - the most glamorous program on telly! I have only watched the first 4 episodes so don't ruin anything for me! If you have not seen it then you need to start watching it right now!!
Not only are the story-lines captivating (with the most gorgeous lead ever, Jon Hamm, above) but the fashion is to DIE for. Here are some of my favourite outfits from what I have seen so far:

Betty has always been one of my favourites. She is so glamorous, even when she goes horse riding she looks impeccable (unfortunately they didn't have a picture of her in her riding outfit, but there was a gorgeous tweed blazer involved!) Looking at pictures of Betty makes me want to grow out my fringe (yet again!) and dye my hair blonde! The pink cocktail dress she is wearing here is the exact kind of thing that is making me want to get into costume design.

I think Peggy has been having quite a few really good outfits this season; I love a good check and these are some of my favourites.

The evening-wear and cocktail dresses have been absolutely gorgeous. I am in love with Peggy's red dress here; the peter-pan collar, the bow - it's fabulous!

Men, listen up! This is a goooood look. Not so much Pete, but the guy on the left looks so freakin cool! Why oh why was I not born long enough ago to have lived through an era like this??!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Oh dear!

I seem to be having a problem with my photobucket album!
It tells me my photos will be back on the 4th of April so bear with me!!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

24 3 09

Phew! It feel like it's been forever since I last did a proper post! I have been so busy lately I just haven't found the time. As well as working in the shop, I am now the official blogger for Vivien of Holloway!! Woop! You can read the blog here.

I was buying a birthday gift for my mum earlier in the month and spied a lovely dress in TopShop that I had to get. I mostly love it for the print, which reminds me of tea parties, but it's also made from jersey which makes it super soft and so comfortable to wear. The weather was nice for a while but has been getting rubbish again lately so I have put myself in a more idyllic location!

I also spent a whopping £16 on magazines! Oops!! The first one was Lula, which is the first ever issue I have bought and I was not disappointed! It has the most beautiful photography I have ever seen.

And the second one was a magazine called Amelia's Magazine, and it said it was the last issue that they were ever going to publish so, of course, I had to have it! I flicked through and it looked really cool, with loads of illustrations:

So, how have you all been? Done anything exciting lately? xxx

Friday, 20 March 2009

20 3 09

I'm so sorry for being such a bad blogger!! I have had NO spare time for the past week or so and am trying to get on top of things. I will have something for you lovely people to read soon, I promise! xxxx

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

10 3 09

If, like me, you are a lover of 50's rockabilly and pin-up style clothing then I have found the perfect shop for you - Vivien of Holloway.
It sells seriously sexy dresses with matching boleros and seperates in a variety of fabrics (polka dot, gingham, floral, tartan) and also petticoats, belts and flowers in loads of different colours to complete the look. There is so much choice, the only problem is figuring out which one you want! You might recognise the full-skirt 50's dress from our fellow blogger, Ranna from Only Shallow.

Also, (because I am such a good blogger!!) I managed to snag Vivien herself for a quick chat:

What year did you open the shop?
I am not sure, but I have never worked for anyone else I have been making Vintage style clothing and selling them since I was 15 - so over 20 years.

Are you interested in vintage clothing? If so, where are your favourite places to shop?
I love Vintage clothing, but respect it, so it is good to have reproduction to party in. Also, the sizes in Vintage are quite resticted as people were generally smaller then. I started wearing Vintage clothing when I was about 10. I prefer Vintage fairs for shopping as you get many dealers under one roof, there is a new one at Cecil Sharp house in Camden I am going to check out on 5th April.
What's your favourite vintage period?
I love the late 40's early 50's styles. Such Glamour.

Where did the inspiration for your designs come from?
I design what I would like to wear myself. So I need get moving for Summer now, making more seperates or I won't have a thing to wear!

Here's a selection from the website:

Vivien also sells 40's style dresses and trousers. I love the grey trousers, they would be great for a Katherine Hepburn look.

I think my favourite is the red/black polka dot pencil dress, which I am seriously going to have to buy myself soon!
If you want to see more of what's on offer go to www.vivienofholloway.com or for an even BIGGER selection (I bet you didn't think it was possible, huh?!) you can visit the shop in Camden at:

The Arches,
49 Kentish Town Road,
London NW1 8NX

Open: Tuesday until Saturday - 10am to 6pm.
(Closed Sunday and Monday)

The actual store is above a motorbike shop, which is really cool! And if you do decide to pop into the shop, I will be working there for a few Saturdays so come in and say hi!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

7 3 09

If you love clothes with a girly edge then you will love Erin Fetherston's Fall 2009 collection; there is some serious full-skirt action going on! I would kill for any of these outfits (although I'm not a fan of the black and white stripe tights), especially the middle dress in the second-to-last picture. Deeeelicious!
I like the fact that there is quite a lot of black but I also love the last two dresses, and I'm a sucker for anything with bows or polka dots. I'm also not really sure what's going on with the hats but I think the shoes are killer!! I need to get myself a serious pair of platforms right away!
This isn't the whole collection, so if you want to see it all then go here.

Images from Style.com
Collages by me.