Thursday, 31 January 2008

31 1 08

After receiving my March issue of Vogue through the post this morning, I quickly tore it open and sat down for some well earned fashion porn. Not long after I had started to plough through it did I come across an article titled ‘Spindly vs. Clumpy’. However, this wasn’t about the never ending debate between size zero and plus size (yawn), no no, this time it was about something that is in need of much more attention; The Shoe.
I am partial to either style, elegant slim heels or clumpy thick heels, but I do tend to lean slightly more towards the clumpy end of the scale because I feel they can give outfits something a bit edgier.

Here are some designer examples from each category:

Chunky on the high street:

TopShop platform £65

Office platform £25

Elegant on the high street:

TopShop court £50

Jacques Vert eBay

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

29 1 08

I have a little bit of spare money this month, so I have decided to treat myself to (more) new clothes. I have a very long list of things I want, no, NEED, that I add to almost every day:

-black/brown flat brogues
-navy/grey knee high socks
-short blue pleated skirt
-sparkly black beret
-low heeled red shoes
-floaty white dress
-black leather jacket
-navy tights
-a plain white long sleeved shirt
-a long fine knit cardigan, maybe in purple
-black coat
-a belt with double/triple buckle
-pussy-bow blouse
-black v-neck jumper
-more vintage handbags in a variety of colours
-more vintage shoes in a variety of colours
-slightly chunky gold necklace
-grey high waisted skirt
-black bow tie

Ok, I better go and get ready because it is my dear friend Maud’s birthday today, and we are going out for some lovely food. Love you Maudy :-)

Monday, 28 January 2008

28 1 08

I finally have a job, yay!! At a fashion PR company, double yay!!!
But now I have to worry about what to wear on my first day, which is this Wednesday. EEK!
I was thinking about wearing mustard tights, with my high waisted black skirt, and a white shirt with some ribbon around the neck fastened at the front with a cameo brooch, and my brogues. I would put the outfit on and take a photo but I’m being very lazy! In fact, I think I might go to sleep right now.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

26 1 08


Sweden was very very good; we did a lot of shopping, and (of course) went to Stockholm’s Beyond Retro where I got this super cute jumper:

It was FREEZING there, but unfortunately there was no snow :-(

Monday, 21 January 2008

Off to Sweden!

Until friday night, so blogging will resume then :)

21 1 08

It was my birthday on the 19th, and I wore my dollar necklace that I LOVE and got for only £5 from eBay.

I have decided that I don’t wear enough necklaces; not all at once, but in general.
Here are some necklaces that I really love. These ones are from Lady Luck Rules OK; all of their stuff is really cute and cheap!

I also love Tatty Devine’s jewellery, but it is a lot pricier!!

My favourite one has to be the knitted heart from Lady Luck, it’s just so cute!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

20 1 08

Outfit Idea #2

Sorry for the lack of posts, it was my birthday yesterday and it has been a little hectic, plus on tuesday I am off to Stockholm until friday so I don't know if I will be able to post anything. After that everything will be back to normal, so stay tuned!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

17 1 08 part deux

Last night whilst flicking through the channels I came across an episode of Steve Irwin’s Crocodile Hunter, and he actually was mental!! He was jumping about in the water with a 16ft crocodile! Plus (if he were still alive) he would be completely on trend!


17 1 08

I bought some other buttons for the pink coat because I wanted gold ones instead of the silver vintage ones, so here it is:

Again sorry about the image, but birthday is on Saturday (yay!!!) so the quality of all images will improve thereafter. I also bought some material to make a skater skirt because the one I wanted from TopShop sold out aaaages ago and I can’t find one like it anywhere, PLUS I was bidding for a really nice grey skirt on eBay when at the last minute someone was outbidding me so I put in another few pounds, and when it ended I had lost - but the other person had entered £56!!!!!!! It was only going to be about £20! I think maybe they did it to be stupid, but the jokes on them now because they have to pay up. HA! So I will post a picture when I have made the skirt; I should have done it today but I had the dentist and was in there for longer than I thought. Not fun.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

15 1 08

Yesterday I went searching for a pair of long leather gloves, I must have gone into every shop possible when I came across the PERFECT pair in Warehouse – but they were £30!!! I thought well it is my birthday on Saturday, so maybe I’ll treat myself. I then remembered hearing that they had a pair in New Look and went to check before I went home, and there in front of me was the EXACT same pair for £10!!!!!!!!
I bought the £10 pair and marched straight back to Warehouse to return them (feeling quite foolish for spending £30 on a pair of gloves in the first place) and when handing back my money, the cashier said “£30? Is that how much there were? I’d have returned them too!”
So the lesson I learned was always shop around first. Plus, don’t be stupid enough in the first place to spend £30 on a pair of gloves!

Sunday, 13 January 2008

13 1 08

I have just won this skirt on eBay:

I don’t know if you can tell but it has a floral pattern; which I think would be perfect for the print trend for spring/summer 08 (see post from the 10th).

Saturday, 12 January 2008

12 1 08

We were given some briefs to choose from for our next project at college, I chose the brief to produce an illustrated book about myself. I thought that this might be a fun opportunity to do make a book filled with fun doodles, and it made me think of Kate Sutton's work:

Thinking up things to doodle proved to be harder than I thought, but I am quite pleased with the results so far. This one is only A4, but the book has to be in A3! Oh, my aching hands!

Thursday, 10 January 2008

10 1 08


1. Romance:

Lots of ruffles, sheer fabrics in pale colours create a look that's as light as air, and full skirts cinched at the waistline. A nice example of this from the high street is this dress from

2. Prints:

Bold, graphic smears and splashes. Pretty florals with exaggerated silhouettes lend a modern edge. Get the look from TopShop:

Runway images:

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

9 1 08

Yesterday I did some well overdue shopping and bought some winter clothes. I got TWO coats for £30!!! Bargainatious! I apologise for the poor image quality; I’m using my boyfriend’s camera phone until I get a digital camera for my birthday. Both coats are from Primark! I usually hate Primark clothes as they are so cheap and poorly made but these coats are definitely an exception. I have been searching for the perfect coat for a few weeks now but all that I have come across seemed to fall short of my expectations, then I found these two gems; they suit me perfectly because my taste and style is always changing and I’m always seeing new things that I like better. It would be nice to have a classic cut black coat that I can update each season with accessories, so maybe I will still keep and eye open for one. I am going to replace the buttons on the pink coat with some vintage ones my aunt gave me.

I have been searching everywhere for some long black leather gloves to wear with the bracelet sleeved coat, but the TopShop ones were sold out and I couldn’t find a pair anywhere else. I think next week I will go shopping somewhere else and have another hunt for them. Does anybody know of any shops that have a pair?
Also, I went into H&M and found a really cute top and cardigan. The pink cardigan would have been warmer if it had longer sleeves, but I told myself it would be perfect for the bracelet sleeve coat. I couldn’t resist the turquoise top because the print was too cute.

I also purchased some mustard coloured tights and some grey ribbed tights from Dorothy Perkins. Next on the list is some black jeans and some skirts, but I haven’t found any I like yet. A nice black high waisted skirt would be perfect, plus a grey one to go with the mustard tights. Another shopping trip is in order I think!

Monday, 7 January 2008

7 1 08

Whilst flicking through the issue of Nylon I bought today, I saw a feature about entire outfits made of one colour.

I hadn’t tried this myself before as it seems quite daunting but now I’m thinking that it could be really fun! Here’s what I could make out of items in my wardrobe (I apologise for the poor image; unfortunately I don’t have a digital camera – yet! my birthday is next week though! – so, I found images of the items from the online shops)

I could also do black, but that’s quite simple – plus TECHNICALLY black is a non-colour anyway. I definitely need more clothes, so I have decided tomorrow I will go shopping.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

6 1 08

Outfit Idea #1

Friday, 4 January 2008

4 1 08

I have always been a great lover of cute white ankle socks - not those awful ones that you had to wear for P.E in secondary school (below)
Shudder. No no, I’m talking about the cute frilly ones that you wore in primary school with your silver glittery jelly shoes (which I totally need to get for next summer) like these:

However, being way past primary school, the frills surely need to go; so a simple white sock turned over will do just nicely. I remember seeing such a thing on Jeremy Scott’s fall 2007 runway (or autumn to us Brits), which had a massive kitsch feel to it and reminded me very much of the B-52’s who I absolutely love.

It’s way too cold to wear them with cute dresses now but could be worn with some high waisted jeans. They really do need to be high waisted to avoid the whole Michael Jackson look and make it look more rockabilly – but don’t blame me if you still get abuse yelled at you in the street by some chavs, who clearly have never read a fashion magazine (a proper fashion magazine I’m not talking about Heat here people) and couldn’t name 5 top models, even if their mopeds depended on it.So just a little something to keep in mind for when summer comes, which in England’s case, could be never.

Thursday, 3 January 2008

3 1 08

Whilst browsing online, I saw this t-shirt by Olly & Suzi for TopShop:

Although I have zero money at the moment, I inevitably found myself picturing what I would wear it with. Guess what came to mind? Leather trousers!!
And the scary part is - I think I actually quite liked the idea! Other than leather jackets I’ve always disliked leather clothing, it makes me think of ageing mums who can’t let go of their youth, or Goth kids. And I do not wish to look like either. Plus I can imagine them being very uncomfortable and sweaty.
I think I will leave this kind of outfit to Kate Moss or Mary Kate Olsen (who would probably look amazing in it).