Thursday, 3 January 2008

3 1 08

Whilst browsing online, I saw this t-shirt by Olly & Suzi for TopShop:

Although I have zero money at the moment, I inevitably found myself picturing what I would wear it with. Guess what came to mind? Leather trousers!!
And the scary part is - I think I actually quite liked the idea! Other than leather jackets I’ve always disliked leather clothing, it makes me think of ageing mums who can’t let go of their youth, or Goth kids. And I do not wish to look like either. Plus I can imagine them being very uncomfortable and sweaty.
I think I will leave this kind of outfit to Kate Moss or Mary Kate Olsen (who would probably look amazing in it).

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Kate said...

Hi, I'm trawling the net like crazy trying to find somewhere to buy something (anything!) from olly&suzi's Top Shop range. I don't suppose you have any idea where I could look? Many many thanks!! Kate