Wednesday, 9 January 2008

9 1 08

Yesterday I did some well overdue shopping and bought some winter clothes. I got TWO coats for £30!!! Bargainatious! I apologise for the poor image quality; I’m using my boyfriend’s camera phone until I get a digital camera for my birthday. Both coats are from Primark! I usually hate Primark clothes as they are so cheap and poorly made but these coats are definitely an exception. I have been searching for the perfect coat for a few weeks now but all that I have come across seemed to fall short of my expectations, then I found these two gems; they suit me perfectly because my taste and style is always changing and I’m always seeing new things that I like better. It would be nice to have a classic cut black coat that I can update each season with accessories, so maybe I will still keep and eye open for one. I am going to replace the buttons on the pink coat with some vintage ones my aunt gave me.

I have been searching everywhere for some long black leather gloves to wear with the bracelet sleeved coat, but the TopShop ones were sold out and I couldn’t find a pair anywhere else. I think next week I will go shopping somewhere else and have another hunt for them. Does anybody know of any shops that have a pair?
Also, I went into H&M and found a really cute top and cardigan. The pink cardigan would have been warmer if it had longer sleeves, but I told myself it would be perfect for the bracelet sleeve coat. I couldn’t resist the turquoise top because the print was too cute.

I also purchased some mustard coloured tights and some grey ribbed tights from Dorothy Perkins. Next on the list is some black jeans and some skirts, but I haven’t found any I like yet. A nice black high waisted skirt would be perfect, plus a grey one to go with the mustard tights. Another shopping trip is in order I think!

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selinaoolala said...

oo i just bought this top for my sisters birthday