Tuesday, 29 January 2008

29 1 08

I have a little bit of spare money this month, so I have decided to treat myself to (more) new clothes. I have a very long list of things I want, no, NEED, that I add to almost every day:

-black/brown flat brogues
-navy/grey knee high socks
-short blue pleated skirt
-sparkly black beret
-low heeled red shoes
-floaty white dress
-black leather jacket
-navy tights
-a plain white long sleeved shirt
-a long fine knit cardigan, maybe in purple
-black coat
-a belt with double/triple buckle
-pussy-bow blouse
-black v-neck jumper
-more vintage handbags in a variety of colours
-more vintage shoes in a variety of colours
-slightly chunky gold necklace
-grey high waisted skirt
-black bow tie

Ok, I better go and get ready because it is my dear friend Maud’s birthday today, and we are going out for some lovely food. Love you Maudy :-)

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