Monday, 31 March 2008

31 3 08

Apologies for the lack of posts; it’s been a pretty hectic weekend, culminating in what I can only describe as a brutal destruction of any remaining brain cells!
It took all of yesterday to recover, plus I found black paint ALL over my coat. Luckily my wonderful mother managed to get it out (I have no idea HOW!) and it’s as good as new, apart from a blob of black on the inside of my sleeve – don’t ask me how it got there!! I must have been rolling around in the stuff!
I have decided that I am sick of everything in my wardrobe and need to go out and buy lots and lots of new clothes; or this could possibly be a side effect from spending all of yesterday indoors, so I better get to it before I change my mind!

Friday, 28 March 2008

28 3 08

Last night I went to see Hairspray at Shaftsbury Theatre and IT WAS AMAZING!!!! It’s just as good as the movie was, but I haven’t seen the original so I don’t know how they measure up to it.

It has truly inspired me to dress in more girly 50’s/60’s dresses and have my hair BIG. So I have been searching on eBay for some fitting outfits. Timeless Vixen is a fantastic eBay shop, with lots of beautiful 50’s/early 60’s dresses (I almost wish I had kept it a secret!)

Timeless Vixen blue dress £40

Timeless Vixen purple plaid dress £20

Daddy-O’s is another good shop, but their stuff is reproduction vintage not original.

Daddy-O’s ‘Marion’ dress £55. I received this dress for Christmas and it’s made really well. The fabric is quite heavy but it’s also very stretchy so it fits nicely.

Daddy-O's ‘Sara’ dress £45

Thursday, 27 March 2008

27 3 08

My favourite pair of shoes are almost falling apart! I wear them almost every day, and whilst they are in for repair I feel lost! All my other pairs of shoes are high heels and are too fancy for college and too painful to wear to work up London. The only other choice is a pair or light pink plimsolls, but although they are comfortable, they make me feel a bit slobby. So, I am on the hunt for some shoes, I would love to have hundreds of pairs in allsorts of colours to go with every outfit, but (unfortunately) I’m not rich so that’s not the case.
Asos £25
Dune £75

Nine West £45

Hmmm... I seem to have just naturally been drawn to shoes that are just as inappropriate as the ones I already have. I guess I should just give in and buy lots of plasters!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

25 3 08

I just finished watching series 3 of Project Catwalk (I know I’m a little bit behind!) and I was very happy to see Jasper Garvida win – it was clear from the beginning that he was the most talented one out of the bunch. Here are some of my favourite items he made on the show:

Firstly, the evening gown he made for Nancy Dell’Olio – rubbish celebrity (if you can even call her one!) but a gorgeous dress.

Secondly, the new look he designed for Macintosh.

And finally, the coat he made from an item bought from Beyond Retro. You can’t see it very well in the screen-shot but the shoulders a beautifully sculptured and I love the silver mesh he put over the models face with the fake eyelashes on top.

Definitely a victory well deserved!

Monday, 24 March 2008

24 3 08

I found some treasures at a market in Devon over the weekend, and one of them was this beautiful chair – for £12!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Something like this in London would have been at least £80, if not more.

Unfortunately I don’t have a dressing table in my room; I have a hideous computer table instead. Ideally I would buy a laptop and then get rid of the computer table to make room for a lovely antique dressing table with a 3 fold mirror, however, unless somebody is going to buy the laptop for me, I shall have to stick with what I’ve got for now, and dream for the future.

Art Deco dressing table eBay £95

French style dressing table eBay £87

1940’s walnut dressing table eBay £89

Sunday, 23 March 2008

23 3 08

Pleats, pleats, pleats, please! I cannot get enough of pleated skirts lately, which is handy because on the up is the ‘lampshade skirt’ as seen at Marc by Marc Jacobs and Rodarte.

Here’s a few pleated bits I have my eye on:

Skirt from £85

Dress from Pringle 1815 £265

Dress from Miss Selfridge £45

Dress from eBay £2.99

Thursday, 20 March 2008

20 3 08

Don’t you just wish you were an Olsen twin? Mary-Kate to be more precise. I wan those Chanel half tint sunglasses so badly!!! I can’t find them anywhere though...

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

19 3 08

Kate Moss’ spring/summer 08 collection for TopShop launched today, so I thought I would check it out; not that I loved her first collection, but purely out of curiosity. I have to say, it is officially crap. I didn’t think her first collection was THAT great either but there were some pieces that were bearable like the daisy print romper, but this collection has a, dare I say it, gypsy feel to it – it’s even called ‘A Bohemian Summer’. I thought that whole boho thing died when Sienna Miller cut her hair? The gypsy trend circulates every so often around the summer time and I hate it more on every occasion, in my mind, a gypsy skirt goes hand-in-hand with Ugg boots, both items I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Scarf dress £75

Mirrored waistcoat £65

Suede fringe waistcoat £50

Now I realise that I have been pretty harsh so far, but I do have to say there is ONE item from the collection that I like, and it’s this 50’s looking dress:

Star print dress £60

But paying £60 for something you know will be on every other girl this summer is ridiculous, I’d rather take a trip to Beyond Retro and find a proper 50s prom dress that I know nobody else will have, for the fraction of the price.

Overall rating: 2/10

Sunday, 16 March 2008

16 3 08

Two things I really want:

Bag theURBANcollection £17
(just checked on it and it’s been sold :( boooo!)

Shoes French Sole £70

Saturday, 15 March 2008

15 3 08

I have FINALLY finished altering a dress I bought from eBay ages ago. Here is what it originally looked like:

And here is what it looks like now:

It’s not amazingly different; I’ve just made it shorter and added some straps because I always feel that I’m on the brink of exposing myself in strapless things!
So I am going to wear my (sort of) new dress tonight because we are going out for my friend’s birthday. Happy birthday Gemma! :)

Friday, 14 March 2008

14 3 08

Apologies for the lack of posts, it's been a bit busy at the moment. I will have something up in a couple of days when I have some spare time!!


Monday, 10 March 2008

10 3 08

Oasis has two very nice dresses that I really want, but unfortunately both are quite expensive!
Black halter-neck dress £120

Coral strapless dress £90

The pink one doesn’t look like much in that picture, but it looks fantastic in the photograph on the homepage:

Time to start saving!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

9 3 08

Purple is a key colour for autumn/winter, from soft lilac to regal purple and in everything from luxurious velvets through to glossy silks.

Primark are selling a really cute chiffon tea dress and a lovely misty mauve; and for only £10!

Edit: I was cooking dinner and splashed oil on it and it's now ruined :( sob

Friday, 7 March 2008

7 3 08

I found THE cutest dress on eBay, but it’s a bit more than I would like to pay.

So feel free to snap it up!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

5 3 08

I truly love people who opt for vintage clothing instead of modern high street attire; I myself am a massive fan of it also and have many many items in my wardrobe from various vintage stores all over London.

I would love to dress in head-to-toe vintage every day, but it does take a lot of time trawling through racks and heaps of clothing to find a single gem; let alone enough to put a whole outfit together. Plus, on top of that there are little details like shoes (I am a size 7 and find it incredibly frustrating that all the shoes I fall in love with end up being a size 3!) and hairstyle. I know nothing about hair styling, but would love to learn more. I have finally managed to get the hang of curls thanks to my curling iron (and a bit of help from my mum to do the back!) but the girl who works in Beyond Retro had an amazing 50s hairstyle when I went last, and I wish I had taken a photograph for reference, it was like one big pompadour roll coming from the crown to the front like a fringe. It was very impressive, and I imagine took a lot of hairspray!
So I have made a vow to myself to take more time getting ready and put more thought into an entire ‘look’. Although I’m not sure how long this pledge will last!

Images from Altamira NYC, Google and Stylefinder

Monday, 3 March 2008

3 3 08

The LBD at Lanvin:

One shouldered

Sheer neckline

The little black dress is definitely a wardrobe ‘staple’ (I use that word loosely because I don’t really like it, as obviously everyone has different needs and styles!) and can get a little boring, but there were some interesting styles happening on the Lanvin runway.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

2 3 08

I’m a bit behind at the moment due to an awful throat infection, however I am now on the mend and thought today would be a good day to do some catch-up on some of my favourite vintage eBay stores, to see what I can spend my very first pay-check on!

Anouk Vintage 80s dress

Bitter Sweet Styles 80s shoes

Bluebird Vintage Mickey Mouse jumper

Filthy Gorgeous Vintage stripe dress

Liebemarlene Vintage polka dot dress

Lullie Vintage Clothing mod check dress

Mama Stone Vintage plaid coat

Miss Vintage Virgin 50s yellow dress