Monday, 24 March 2008

24 3 08

I found some treasures at a market in Devon over the weekend, and one of them was this beautiful chair – for £12!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Something like this in London would have been at least £80, if not more.

Unfortunately I don’t have a dressing table in my room; I have a hideous computer table instead. Ideally I would buy a laptop and then get rid of the computer table to make room for a lovely antique dressing table with a 3 fold mirror, however, unless somebody is going to buy the laptop for me, I shall have to stick with what I’ve got for now, and dream for the future.

Art Deco dressing table eBay £95

French style dressing table eBay £87

1940’s walnut dressing table eBay £89


Susan said...

Wow they're gorgeous. I say a lovely lovely dressing table like the first one in a charity shop and it was really cheap. I wish I got it but I had nowhere to put it. I still dream about it. Oh I love them.

William said...


Very beautiful furniture you have!!! But you must visit have fabulous items available at discounted prices.

Anonymous said...

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