Thursday, 27 March 2008

27 3 08

My favourite pair of shoes are almost falling apart! I wear them almost every day, and whilst they are in for repair I feel lost! All my other pairs of shoes are high heels and are too fancy for college and too painful to wear to work up London. The only other choice is a pair or light pink plimsolls, but although they are comfortable, they make me feel a bit slobby. So, I am on the hunt for some shoes, I would love to have hundreds of pairs in allsorts of colours to go with every outfit, but (unfortunately) I’m not rich so that’s not the case.
Asos £25
Dune £75

Nine West £45

Hmmm... I seem to have just naturally been drawn to shoes that are just as inappropriate as the ones I already have. I guess I should just give in and buy lots of plasters!

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