Wednesday, 5 March 2008

5 3 08

I truly love people who opt for vintage clothing instead of modern high street attire; I myself am a massive fan of it also and have many many items in my wardrobe from various vintage stores all over London.

I would love to dress in head-to-toe vintage every day, but it does take a lot of time trawling through racks and heaps of clothing to find a single gem; let alone enough to put a whole outfit together. Plus, on top of that there are little details like shoes (I am a size 7 and find it incredibly frustrating that all the shoes I fall in love with end up being a size 3!) and hairstyle. I know nothing about hair styling, but would love to learn more. I have finally managed to get the hang of curls thanks to my curling iron (and a bit of help from my mum to do the back!) but the girl who works in Beyond Retro had an amazing 50s hairstyle when I went last, and I wish I had taken a photograph for reference, it was like one big pompadour roll coming from the crown to the front like a fringe. It was very impressive, and I imagine took a lot of hairspray!
So I have made a vow to myself to take more time getting ready and put more thought into an entire ‘look’. Although I’m not sure how long this pledge will last!

Images from Altamira NYC, Google and Stylefinder

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