Friday, 28 March 2008

28 3 08

Last night I went to see Hairspray at Shaftsbury Theatre and IT WAS AMAZING!!!! It’s just as good as the movie was, but I haven’t seen the original so I don’t know how they measure up to it.

It has truly inspired me to dress in more girly 50’s/60’s dresses and have my hair BIG. So I have been searching on eBay for some fitting outfits. Timeless Vixen is a fantastic eBay shop, with lots of beautiful 50’s/early 60’s dresses (I almost wish I had kept it a secret!)

Timeless Vixen blue dress £40

Timeless Vixen purple plaid dress £20

Daddy-O’s is another good shop, but their stuff is reproduction vintage not original.

Daddy-O’s ‘Marion’ dress £55. I received this dress for Christmas and it’s made really well. The fabric is quite heavy but it’s also very stretchy so it fits nicely.

Daddy-O's ‘Sara’ dress £45

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