Saturday, 29 November 2008

29 11 08

A couple of days ago I went shopping in Brick Lane with a friend and picked up these Salvatore Ferragamo shoes from Absolute Vintage. I had been looking for a pair of navy shoes, plus I have wanted a pair of these for ages now, so as soon as I tried them on I new I had to have them - they are so comfy!

They were only £15 which is about my limit at the moment because I am lacking funds, but my mum is giving me money to go to Battersea Vintage Fair tomorrow as a christmas present! Yay!!
Here are some things that I have been coveting recently:

50s blue suit from Past Perfect Vintage £163

40s floral dress from Fuzzylizzie Vintage £62

40s black crepe dress from Couture Allure Vintage £55

40s day dress from Vintage Martini £55

Monday, 24 November 2008

24 11 08

I spotted some nice vintage inspired things in non-vintage stores recently, so I thought I would share them with you as I know wearing second hand clothing isn't everyones cup of tea!

Cardigan with fur collar by Betty Jackson at Debenhams £95

Lace top from Forever21 $22.80

Sequin cardigan from Forever21 $27.80

Also, I was reading about a really fun club night called Warped. It's a club that 'travels through time' and you have to dress in one of the eras (20's, 50's, 80's or the future!). They have live acts, such as burlesque dancers, and games, such as musical statues! At the end of each era there is a period of time where the appropriate music for that time is played and everybody dances. It sounds like a lot of fun and I definitely want to go to the next one! Apparently the next ones are on November 29th (this sat) and December 20th. It is held at The Mission Room, 26 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QE if you are interested!! For more info visit their website:
Here are some pictures from their website. It looks like a lot of fun!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

22 11 08

I did get some people asking for an outfit post of the things I got from eBay recently so I thought I would give it a go. At the moment I'm just using the mirror inside my wardrobe door but I remembered that we had a couple of tripods in the loft so I'll get those down and hopefully get some better shots the next time an outfit post comes along!!

I had quite a lot of trouble with this coat! Firstly, it took forever to arrive because the seller said they had to suddenly move house. I was getting worried that I had been scammed but it arrived in the end, but the bottom half was badly wrinkled and my dry-cleaner guy said that it had been dry cleaned on a temperature that was too high and it was stuck that way. But my mum, being very handy with a needle and thread, unpicked all the panels, stretched them and sewed them back together and now it's perfect! Oh and don't worry the fur is fake :-)

This second outfit is a bit strange for me because I usually wear brighter colours, but I am keeping an open mind and I do quite like it. The knitted jumper has a really cute pearl detail around the neck, and I teamed it with a hounds-tooth skirt that I have had forever, some spectator shoes and a brown purse.

This outfit is from the 80's but the peplum on the top reminded me more of the 30's, although the print is probably too loud for that era. However, I think with the right styling I could get away with a look earlier than the 80's. This time I wore it with a pair of lipstick red shoes that I got from my friends vintage store called Mary Rose Vintage (that's where the black and white spectator pumps are from too!)

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

19 11 08

I went to visit a friend in Leeds over the weekend and it got me thinking about moving out of my parents house and getting my own place (not that it would even be possible seeing as property prices in London are stupidly expensive and I'm still having no luck at getting a job because at the moment London has the highest unemployment rate by far!) but apart from those facts, it still got me thinking and dreaming about my own place! I have folders on my computer where I keep pictures of things I like for future reference so I apologise if I don't know where I got them from!!

This is an image of Dita Von Teese's bedroom - look how many hats she has!! I love her Art Deco dressing table and the soft pink colours. I would love a pink bedroom but I'm not sure how my boyfriend would feel about it! I would love to see the rest of her house, I bet it is absolutely divine!

I think this is a picture of something I was looking at on eBay. I love this French style furniture and have always wanted a dressing table because my room at the moment is too small.

I found an amazing Flickr profile called American Vintage Home that has all of these fantastic images of 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's interiors. I think this bathroom is so sweet with the alcove for the bath with the curtains, although I'm not sure how practical they would be! I just love the way they match the ones at the window.

I love the cheerful colours of these two kitchens. Having a lounger in your kitchen would be a bit odd though! Again it's all in the little details like the slots for trays and he novelty wallpaper.

I can't remember where this image is from but I think it was something about people that live totally in one era and they even use appliances appropriate to the time, hence that amazing cooker! The colours are so bright and happy!

I'm not sure if this photo is from American Vintage Home too or if I found it somewhere else, but it sure is something! Again the colour scheme would need to be changed because it's not fair to have such a girly house if you live with a guy!

Once again I don't know where this one is from! (If you do know feel free to let me know!) This wall of pictures with mismatching photo frames would look good in a hallway or next to a staircase to add some character. I especially like the mix of photography and paintings.

Friday, 14 November 2008

14 11 08

Feathers are the embellishment of the season and they are a fantastic way to add elegance and luxury to your wardrobe.

Clutch bag - TopShop £60

20's style dress - Warehouse £150

Lilli Diamond dress - Dressing Vintage £133

Malcolm Starr dress - Dressing Vintage £398

If all of these are a bit out of your price range, you could easily buy some feathers from your local haberdashery and attatch them to a skirt or to the bottom half of a plain dress!

Monday, 10 November 2008

10 11 08

I did a bit of work for my mum over the weekend, and now I've gone and blown all of the money on eBay!! eeek! I did get some really nice stuff though.

This little sweater looks super soft and I can't wait to snuggle up in it.

I have been looking for a beaded cardigan like this for ages. I'd like to get another one in cream.

This sweater is similar to the first one but I love the pearl detail around the neck. A girl can never have too many clothes I say!

This top and skirt set is actually from the 80's but the light fabric and the peplum reminded me of something from the late 30's / early 40's and I think with the right accessories it could look like it is.

I love this little brown kelly bag, and I think I will try to find one in every colour!

Today I watched La Vie En Rose, a film of the life of Edith Piaf. I highly recommend it because it was a fantastic movie, even better if you are already a fan of Edith's music but don't be put off if you aren't because it's still a good film even if you have never heard anything by her! (Although I'm sure if you live in England you would have heard it on the Specsavers advert!!) I tried to get a video to put in the post but annoyingly i can't access youtube at the moment, so you'll have to go look for yourself!

Friday, 7 November 2008

7 11 08

Etsy is having a Vintage Market Sale tomorrow and Sunday, selling vintage clothing, accessories, jewellery and household items too! Here are a few things that I have got my eye on:

Black dress

Red Travel Case

Brooch and Earring Set

Black Handbag

Thursday, 6 November 2008

6 11 08

The party season is drawing ever closer, so I thought I would do a little post on an item that every girl has in her closet - the little black dress.

In 1926 Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel published a picture of a simple black dress in Vogue magazine. Prior to the 1920s, black had been reserved for mourning and was considered indecent when worn outside such circumstances, but with that one image Chanel changed everything. During World War II the black dress thrived in part due to widespread rationing of textiles and in part as a common uniform for civilian women entering the workforce. In the 1950s Hollywood femmes fatales were portrayed often in black as a symbol of a dangerous woman, and in the 1960s the younger 'mod' generation wore the dress in a miniskirt length whereas the older generation wore simple black sheath dresses, the most famous of all being Audrey Hepburn's dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

The 1980's saw the black dress in a variety of fabrics - lace, satin, taffeta, velvet, leather - and lengths, and it's charm has continued up to this day.

The 1920s - Antique Dress £1,021

The 1940s - Antique Dress £483

The 1950s - Antique Dress £220

The 1960s - Antique Dress £765

The 1970s - Posh Girl Vintage £120

The 1980s - Vintage Martini £92