Wednesday, 19 March 2008

19 3 08

Kate Moss’ spring/summer 08 collection for TopShop launched today, so I thought I would check it out; not that I loved her first collection, but purely out of curiosity. I have to say, it is officially crap. I didn’t think her first collection was THAT great either but there were some pieces that were bearable like the daisy print romper, but this collection has a, dare I say it, gypsy feel to it – it’s even called ‘A Bohemian Summer’. I thought that whole boho thing died when Sienna Miller cut her hair? The gypsy trend circulates every so often around the summer time and I hate it more on every occasion, in my mind, a gypsy skirt goes hand-in-hand with Ugg boots, both items I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

Scarf dress £75

Mirrored waistcoat £65

Suede fringe waistcoat £50

Now I realise that I have been pretty harsh so far, but I do have to say there is ONE item from the collection that I like, and it’s this 50’s looking dress:

Star print dress £60

But paying £60 for something you know will be on every other girl this summer is ridiculous, I’d rather take a trip to Beyond Retro and find a proper 50s prom dress that I know nobody else will have, for the fraction of the price.

Overall rating: 2/10

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