Thursday, 31 January 2008

31 1 08

After receiving my March issue of Vogue through the post this morning, I quickly tore it open and sat down for some well earned fashion porn. Not long after I had started to plough through it did I come across an article titled ‘Spindly vs. Clumpy’. However, this wasn’t about the never ending debate between size zero and plus size (yawn), no no, this time it was about something that is in need of much more attention; The Shoe.
I am partial to either style, elegant slim heels or clumpy thick heels, but I do tend to lean slightly more towards the clumpy end of the scale because I feel they can give outfits something a bit edgier.

Here are some designer examples from each category:

Chunky on the high street:

TopShop platform £65

Office platform £25

Elegant on the high street:

TopShop court £50

Jacques Vert eBay

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