Sunday, 30 December 2007

30 12 07

Hello, I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas!

I desperately need a winter coat and some boots, because I'm going off to Stockholm for my birthday in January - so it will be FREEZING. I would really love a faux fur coat but I can't find one that's perfect, every time I see one I like it turns out to be real fur (which I am completely against).

Here are some coats that I like:

This green one was from a vintage website but I can't remember which one (mental note - start writing things down!). I love the shape of it, it looks quite Victorian.

I really love the shape of this cocoon coat from, but because there is no definition of the waist, I have a feeling that from the side it would just make you look round!

I was also looking for some boots:

I love this skater style boot by Kurt Geiger; they would look great with a feminine style coat (vintage?) but they would also go with something a bit edgier too.

If I could marry a shoe, I would marry these ones by Moschino Cheap & Chic. I just love everything about them – the colour, the brogue style, the ribbon laces – they’re perfect. Plus, they would keep my toes warm!

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