Wednesday, 2 September 2009

2 9 08

I'm back! I survived Reading (just) but I've almost totally lost my voice :-( boooo!
Anyway I was having a flick through the weekend newspaper supplements when I got back home and came across a very handy list of designer/high street collaborations! Yay! Put these dates in your diaries ladies:

Preen and PPQ at - available from September 7th

Matthew Williamson at Debenhams - available from September 21st

Giles at New Look - available mid-November

Jimmy Choo at H&M - available from November 14th

Louise Gray, Poltock & Walsh, Scott Wilson and many more at - available from late September

Adam for Mango - available from mid-October

Ashish, Peter Jensen, Emma Cook and Preen shoes at TopShop - available from September 21st

Pierre Hardy at Gap - available from September 30th


janettaylor said...

Hi Honey!

Welcome back!


Michelle said...

What a helpful list! Do you know if this is just in the UK or in the US also? xo.

Wendy-May said...

glad you had fun at reading! leeds was lovely also! x