Wednesday, 29 April 2009

29 4 08

I counted my shoe collection today, and I currently have 15 pairs! I know that most of you probably have a lot more, but that is quite a large number for me! Especially seeing as I only wear about 3 pairs out of that collection!
However, although I have more than enough pairs of shoes, my desire is not quenched! I found all of these gorgeous shoes on Etsy, each one with a sweet bow feature:

1. Black velvet - £6.75
2. Navy and white flats - £12
3. Cream pumps - £10
4. Silver metallic - £19
5. Pink suede - £13.50
6. Navy flats - £16.80
7. Black patent - £30
8. White and polka dot - £16.80
9. Brown with gold - £24

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

28 4 09

I am soooo gutted that I missed the opportunity to buy this dress. Everything about it was perfect; the shape, the colour, the print! It was a little bit expensive for me so I waited a bit to see if I could save up, but alas, I was too late!

See, how pretty is that?!
Have you had anything fabulous that you missed out on?

Friday, 24 April 2009

24 4 09

Last night I went to see one of my favourite bands, Camera Obscura. If you haven't already heard any of their music then I strongly urge you to start immediately!
Here's the video to their latest single 'French Navy' and another of one of their most famous songs 'Lloyd, I'm ready to be heartbroken'.

To hear more, visit their myspace:

Monday, 20 April 2009

20 4 09

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today, so my boyfriend and I decided to have a picnic at Hainault Forest near where we live. I made some home-made fried chicken, which was amazingly delicious even if I do say so myself! I also wore my new dress that I got from work, you can see it in a picture my boyf took with his old polaroid camera:

Hope you all enjoyed today's sunshine! I am off to get some dinner xxx

Thursday, 16 April 2009

16 4 09

I have just discovered a fantastic website that sells vintage couture, it's called (not surprisingly) Vintage Couture. It has loads of designers, and also some anonymous items that are equally as gorgeous! Here are my favourite picks from the collection:

Pierre Cardin Coat £654 and Dress £335

Christian Dior Dress £804 and Nina Ricci Dress £2,547

Chanel Suit £4,024 and Chanel Earrings £150

1950s Evening Dress £805 and 1950s Suit £201

Monday, 13 April 2009

13 4 09

I have always been a lover of hats, but have never been able to indulge in this affection because my head does not seem to agree with the hats I put on it! They always end up looking awkwardly perched and just not quite right. I do, however, still like to look at all the beautiful vintage millinery that is out there - purely for the wonderful craftsmanship, if nothing else.
I found these gorgeous photographs of some fantastic headwear, from the Vintage Vogue pool on Flickr. Here are a few fabulous vintage hats that I found for sale:

1950s Pink Silk Platter Hat from Etsy

vintage hat
1950s Floral Net Hat from Etsy

vintage hat
1950s Pink Velour Hat from Vintage Hat Box

vintage hat
1940s Taupe Felt Hat from Vintage Hat Box

vintage hat
1950s Ivory Velvet Net Hat from Ruby Lane

vintage hat
1950s Large Floral Hat from Posh Girl Vintage

Sunday, 12 April 2009

12 4 09

A little while ago I made this dress from a vintage 50's dress pattern. I lost interest in sewing for a while but now I'm eager to get some new patterns and start making some things to wear!

Here are some of my favourites that I'm thinking of buying and making:

1960s Dress Pattern from Best Vintage Patterns

1950s Dress Pattern from Best Vintage Patterns

1950s Dress Pattern from Moms Patterns

I am also really lusting after this coat from Etsy but unfortunately including the shipping to the UK it's about £60, which I know isn't much for a coat but I'm so skint at the moment! Plus, summer is approaching so I think it might be a bit of a useless purchase... but I want it so badly!! Please pleeeease somebody buy it for me! I will love you forever!

I might have to resort in making something for myself in a similar fabric. I found this pattern (the one on the right) which is sort of similar:

1950s Coat Pattern from Best Vintage Patterns

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter tomorrow! My mum is cooking us a BIG turkey dinner!! I can't wait! xxx

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

7 4 09

In one of the newspaper supplements last Sunday there was an interview with Miss Polly Rae about 'silver screen hair and retro make-up'. I thought I would put up some of the tips she gave because she always looks so glamorous!


1. "There's an art to doing retro styles. To create classic 1940s victory rolls, first put your hair in pin curls and leave it to set. Backcomb to make the hair more malleable, then use a bristle brush to smooth it out. Twist the hair around the fingers, curling inwards, back towards the head. Pin with kirby grips, then spray with Elnet."
2. "My hair is quite limp, so I have clip-in extensions that I dye to match my natural colour."

If that explanation sounds a bit complicated, here are some of my favourite video tutorials of how to get pin-up hairstyles:

I really want to get some of those foam rats to make some victory rolls with. If I do try one of these hairstyles I will definitely post some pictures!


1. "I go for the typical 1940s look: pale, flawless skin, strong eyebrows, eye shadow in the creases of my eyes, thick black liner, layer upon layer of mascara, bright red lipstick and the token beauty spot."
2. "It's always got to be red lipstick. I've just found a new one, Mac's Lasting Lust, a true red. This is the only one that doesn't come off."
3. "You're not complete without strong eyebrows. Pencil them in with Mac eyebrow pencil in Strut."
4. "I use Stargazer, the classic stage lashes. I had to hunt them down, but now they are everywhere."
5. "To add sparkle, I apply an iridescent Mac shimmer powder on my body, and touch it up during intervals."

I found a handy tutorial on youtube of how to do vintage pin-up style make up:

All quotes are from The Sunday Times Style Magazine

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

1 4 09

On Monday my boyfriend, some friends and myself bought tickets to Reading Festival this summer! Then my wonderful boyfriend bought me some super cool leopard print wellies to wear for it! (They are only £8 from Primark if you are interested)

Can you spy my little helper?!
I have been thinking about what I can wear, because I obviously can't wear my usual vintage dresses. I am anticipating the weather to be nice seeing as it will be in August, but knowing British weather, this is probably just wishful thinking! So, I have been creating outfits on Polyvore. I know I am planning waaaay in advance, but that's just how I roll - super organized!

Blondie t-shirt - Forever21
Acid Wash Jeans - TopShop
Headband - Asos
Studded Bag - Asos
Leopard Print Wellies - Primark

Gingham Halterneck Top - Vivien of Holloway
Denim Shorts - Jane Norman
White Hair Flower -
Skull & Rose Wellies - Shop Mania

Playsuit - Fruition Las Vegas
Tote Bag - Shana Logic
Plimsolls - Asos

White Vest - TopShop
Red Skirt - American Apparel
Heart Print Wellies - Monsoon
Heart Sunglasses - Mod Cloth