Saturday, 16 February 2008

16 2 08

At last, Chloe Sevigny’s range for Opening Ceremony is here!

Dress £185

Shirt dress £235

“I just came up with stuff I’d want to wear. A little quirky and funky. Pretty classic, but with a twist. I was thinking about Neneh Cherry, the New Wave bands I was into in junior high, the boys I knew who liked the early hip-hop scene. It’s a mishmash of alternative things that suburban kids were into. When you’re young, you mix things up. You’re a sponge. The Opening Ceremony stuff is like me going back to my youth. My last hurrah.”

Quote from today’s issue of Weekend (free with The Guardian)

I love love love loooove the floral dress. Somebody buy it for me, please?


selinaoolala said...

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Susan said...

Ooh Ilike your vlog. I've just found it fro Flying Saucer. We're in the same boat as you, lacking in exposure somewhat. Well you've got one more reader in me.