Wednesday, 20 February 2008

20 1 08

After looking at Moschino’s autumn winter 08-09 runway, I had a desperate urge to curl my hair!

My hair is shoulder length, and it is very straight. I was given a curling iron set for christmas but the barrel was too big and/or my hair isn’t long enough! So I tried curling it with my hair straighteners, and I was really happy with how it was turning out, but the back of it ended up a mess and when I got to the other side of my head, my hair just wouldn’t curl?!?! I have no idea what I was doing wrong, but it was just staying straight with a flick at the end – whereas all the rest of my hair was going into lovely ringlets. Very strange, and frustrating!
Tomorrow I think I will go to boots and get some foam rollers; I remember having great success with these when I was younger.

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Super Kawaii Mama said...

Hi Penny,
I have just checked out your blog after reading your comment on another site. Not bad. Re: the curling - I have about 18 years of experience with every product to curl my hair just so. ( even though it is naturally curly and I straighten it!) and the best thing I can recommend is heated rollers. Especially if your hair is not too long. Make sure you spray a little hair spray at the roots of each piece before you roll and the curls will have more volume and bounce. The foam rollers really do nothing much and you have to apply sooo much heat and time. Post some pics if it works out for you.