Thursday, 10 April 2008

10 4 08

I have seriously been spending a lot lately, but luckily I’ve been getting quite a lot for my money’s worth.

Susie Bubble wrote about The East End Thrift Store on her blog so I decided to go and check it out today, and it really was a goldmine! I was looking for a shirt dress, but all the ones there were from the 80’s and had big bat-wing sleeves, which was totally not what I was looking for, but I found some other treasures:

Green silk dress £10.
I know this dress is most likely from the 80’s, but the detail on the sleeves give it a bit of a 40’s feel to it, plus the material is really elegant. Also, I love the pearl buttons!

Purple gingham dress £10.
This really reminds me of the summer dresses I had to wear in primary school, except mine were blue, and nowhere near as cute as this one.

White and pink stripe skirt £10.
I really love this summer skirt, especially because there’s enough material to wear a full petticoat underneath it to give it a bit more of a 50’s feel.

Red belt £5.
I’ve been meaning to get a red belt for ages, but I could never find one that I liked enough, but this one is just perfect – and for only £5!

I also got some other bits when I was around brick lane:

Wayfarer sunglasses £10
Lady Luck Rules Ok

Floral dress £16
Beyond Retro

Elvis album £7
Beats Workin’ Records

Elvis gospel album £5
Beats Workin’ Records

Red purse £11.50 eBay

Plus, today my
MAC eyeliner was delivered; in a bit of an unnecessary package I might add:
Nevertheless, it has stayed on all day without flaking, so well done MAC!

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