Monday, 26 May 2008

26 5 08

I was flicking through yesterday’s issue of Fabulous magazine whilst on a break from re-decorating my bedroom, when I came across this outfit which reminded me of a look from Gucci’s spring 08 runway.

Top £20 from GSUS Sindustries, Skirt £29.99 H&M.

I really love the 50’s waitress feel the shirt has to it, and was looking on GSUS Sindustries’ website to find out where I could buy it, but sadly it appears they don’t have a shop in London. Is this so? If anybody knows of a shop or website I could buy that top from, it would be greatly appreciated!!

Ok... back to work!

EDIT: I just looked on the website again, and there's a shop in Bethnal Green. Next time I'll look a bit harder!

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