Monday, 5 May 2008

5 5 08

I was flicking through yesterdays copy of Fabulous Magazine that comes free with News of the World (I’m a bit behind due to a severe hangover!) and was pleasantly surprised to see a really beautiful spread, so I scanned some pages for you all to enjoy.

I really really reeeeally want this shirt from, but – as usual – it’s not even in store yet. I hate it when they do that, because you never know when it’s coming in, and once it does they are all snatched up within 5 minutes and all that’s left are the size 6’s and the size 18’s!!! So I will be keeping my eye out for this one, because I adore how over the top the ruffles are.

This dress from River Island wasn’t on their website either, so I’m not quite sure what the black thing is, or how it really looks; but I like the texture of the skirt. I did a close up so you could see the tiny roses.

The dress in this one is from Miss Selfridges’ vintage collection, which I think is quite over priced and all the truly good stuff that’s actually worth the money is always already sold – who are these people that pinch everything?!?! Anyway, I am really loving the massive corsage, and it has definitely gone on my ever growing list of things to buy! Except I would try to find a cheaper one, as it’s £49 (from Fenwick if you’re interested) or it could be quite a fun DIY project. Oh, and the little sparkly bag is from Oasis; who have a lovely collection of 1950’s inspired dresses. I am coveting the Lily Lane strapless dress, and the Poppy Parker Jones dress - I love the cute names too!

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