Tuesday, 10 June 2008

10 6 08

I think nearly everybody on the planet has seen the Sex and the City movie by now, and if not they would have at least seen one of the many pictures of Carrie’s outfits. There is already so much buzz around the Dior sandals that hardly ever come off her feet throughout the movie, and I have already come across two copies.

Tan shoe from Asos.com £55

Brown shoe from Steve Madden £55

Black shoe from Steve Madden £55

Asos do have a black pair as well, but they are sold out already!
I think my favourite is the black pair from Steve Madden; they look a lot more expensive than the Asos pair, which do actually just look like cheap copies. The shipping from America for the Steve Madden pair is about £15, so it’s not that much more for a pair that look a whole lot better. Plus, I love the snakeskin panels on them. I think I might just have to give in to temptation!

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