Wednesday, 25 June 2008

25 6 08

One of my favourite colours has always been red; it’s really bright and happy, and I’m always in a good mood when I wear it. I have been thinking about buying some new red items, because I use the ones I have so often, they are almost worn out!
I found this darling red gingham dress on, it’s really simple but eye-catching at the same time – that’s the beauty of the colour red!

Dress from £45

I also found some lovely red accessories, which I probably wouldn’t wear with the dress all at the same time because it would be a bit much! Maybe just the shoes...

Bag from £40

Shoes from £20

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the red coat being sold at TopShop at the moment. It is really cute and reminds me of something my mum would dress me in when I was a kid, with the velvet bows and all! It is so wonderful, and I would buy it, if only it wasn’t so expensive!

Coat from TopShop £70

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Paris said...

Same here, why the big price tag? So unfair!