Thursday, 25 September 2008

25 9 08

Today I had an interview for some part time work at Miss Selfridge, so hopefully I will get the job and be able to buy my halloween costume. I'm going as The Bride of Frankenstein!! I can't wait!
Although I have been trying to curb my spending, I have indulged in some eBay purchases. However, the leopard print coat and the longer beige coat were bought by mother dearest because I have no winter coat and she didn't want me catching a cold! Bless!

This one I did buy myself, simply because I couldn't resist it after all of those thoughts about 1940's outfits. Luckily it wasn't too expensive. Oh eBay, how I love thee!


makemoremistakes said...

I LOVE the leopard coat. It's wonderful. Also I'm envious that you are already planning your halloween costume...I have not been able to find anything worth being and it's beginning to make me a bit antsy.

I hope you are well!!


Cris Lazoru said...

I love the first coat, t has a very vintage feel


Anonymous said...

Love the leopard one ))) Great you have coats now )))

English Rose said...

Good luck with your interview.
I'm 16 a week after christmas and was going to get a christmas temp job in somewhere cool like, miss selfridges or topshop, but my mum told me they wont take me on =(

the coat is lovely, i'm not into leapard print but I love the shape of it.

xo Lindsey

Lady Melbourne said...

Good luck, if you get the job I will have to come and visit you, I'll be in London soon!

Victoria-Olivia said...

Lucky you, the coats are all beautiful!