Sunday, 28 December 2008

28 12 08

Hello hello! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas; mine was spent mainly drinking too many cosmopolitans and eating too many strawberry Quality Street chocolates, tea cakes and Cadbury’s chocolate fingers! I was lucky enough to get lots of lovely things, and I will put up some outfit posts soon of the vintage pieces that I got.
Today I went into central London with my boyfriend and his mum to do a spot of shopping in Harrods, which was totally packed because of the sale. Then we went to Leon in Spitalfields for some lunch – if you live in London you should definitely try this place, they use organic/ fair trade/ seasonal ingredients in all their dishes, which are delicious! This is what I wore:

Obviously I had a coat on over the top, because it is freeezing here! My bedroom is an absolute tip at the moment, so I put myself in front of a lovely floral background instead :-)
Since I haven’t got any photos yet of the clothes I got for Christmas, I thought I would show you some pages out of some annuals that I picked up at the Angels sale (that I wasn’t allowed until Christmas!)
This first lot is from an annual of 1950’s Elle magazines:

These two are from Elle magazine 1954-55:

This lot is from Elle 1956:

And finally, this last lot is from a book titled ‘Les Modes’ from 1901, so I assume it is some sort of fashion publication that was out in 1901. Unfortunately I can’t read any of it because it is in French, but the pictures beautiful:


Alyssa said...

Les Modes was a fashion magazine :D The first says it is a ballgown, the second is a a sort of house coat (soooo prettty), and the third, I'm not sure on, but usually "de courses" means shopping, so maybe it is a dress for going shopping?

Does the Woman's Frienc say "FILE Cliche Dept"? Because that would be pretty funny.

AMAZING outfit! I love the fauxlero look, and it fits so well!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

your outfit was fab! and, wow, great pictures!

oniomania said...

love the outfit. was this thrifted? if it was, good score. it is hard for me to get something that fits so well at a thrift shop.

Sandra @ said...

You look adorable Penny! And thanks for the great eye candy. Hope your Christmas was lovely!!

Maven Heart said...

those old fashion magazines are quite delightful!


Lady Melbourne said...

I'm not sure I've ever see a picture of you!!
You look darling, that dress is divine and perfect for a little vintage shop.
merry christmas!

Alice said...

That dress is a beautiful fit and what a amazing figure you have!
I love finding vintage magazines, so much better to see the real thing then an inspired modern day shoot.

Wendy said...

You look fabulous!

oniomania said...

thanks on the input in regards to what to wear… will keep it in mind.

Fashion_Girl22 said...

Oh my Penny! You look fantastic. Where do I start?! I love the dress. It fits you like a glove. It compliments your amazing silhouette. They way you belted it made for the perfect touch.
Tres Chic! I can just picture you strolling the streets of Paris in this look. A job well done!

I hope your Christmas was just as fabulous. Happy New Year!

the snail and the cyclops said...

you wore the most beautiful dress out shopping! It's so pretty and lady like! I can imagine you carrying lots of pretty hat boxes and shopping bags!

Anonymous said...

1 you look totally amazing
2 those magazines make me really really envious :)
3 the sweet potato falafel thingies at Leon are just superb!

Secretista said...

I love this. I am such a fan of these cuts.