Friday, 5 December 2008

5 12 08

I was browsing online and saw that Asos have some very pretty jewellery. After quite a long time shopping in cheap charity and vintage shops, I resent paying £8 for a necklace or £21 for a brooch, but then I have to remind myself that high-street prices are always quite high (with the exception of Primark, but we all know what that store is like - if you don't, read Lady Melbourne's experience to find out what I mean!)
Anyway, I guess if I had a job it wouldn't be such a stretch, but for now I think i'll put a few of these items on my Christmas list:

Small gold bow necklace £5.88 - my favourite out of the lot! so cute!!

Large bow and black gem necklace £7.83

Large bow and pearl necklace £7.83

Rose necklace £8.32

Cut glass earrings £7.83

Chandelier drop earrings £7.83

Pearl brooch £21.54


Couture Carrie said...

The bow and pearl is my fave - great selections, P!


makemoremistakes said...

I like that brooch a lot. Thank you for the sweet sweet comments, I hope you are well dear!


ambika said...

Oh, the bows are all so sweet! Love the 2nd especially.

Anonymous said...
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