Monday, 14 July 2008

14 7 08

Yesterday I got two of the greatest things ever! The first one was this 1950’s Catalina Bathing Suit from eBay. (I know what you are thinking about second hand swimming costumes, but I plan to sew an extra piece of material onto the inside for obvious hygiene reasons!) It really is the best thing I have ever seen:

I love the cute umbrella print and the bow at the back!

The second thing I got was a fantastic telephone from the 30’s or 40’s (I am not too sure but have just compared it to images of similar phones from those eras) given to me by a friend. He didn’t want it anymore because apparently it makes you sound like a Dalek at the receiving end, but until I can afford to get it fixed I’m quite happy for it to sit prettily on my bedside table.

Today I am listening to: Muddy Waters


makemoremistakes said...

That swimsuit is absolutely adorable!! And the phone is great too!


Lady Melbourne said...

How utterly gorgeous!
That swimsuit is just to die for, really you've got yourself a keeper there. And the phone, I almost bought myself one in red the other day. We don't use a land line, just mobiles but I wanted it none the less because they are just so adorable.
Lovely finds indeed.

carrie / wishwishwish said...

wow i love both of those things, the telephone especially. i think one would look great in my room!

coco said...

That bathing suit is so individual! Very cute!

Kira Fashion said...

so great and daring outfit!
and you fits it very well!

a kiss!!!

Hannah said...

That bathing suit is lovely! I love the cut of older bathing suits, so much more sophisticated!

The shop I was banging on about on my blog was in Kenilworth which is a town not too far from Coventry. The 'town' is basically just restaurants and charity shops and there are old people a plenty so there's quite often goodies to be found!

David said...

You are soooo lucky! What amazing finds. I'm madly in love with them both.

Dapper Kid said...

The swimsuit is soooo cute!! That print is absolutely lovely! Haha and I love the phone, I would so keep it even I never got it fixed!

Anonymous said...

Wow. What cute and adorable swimsuit!

selinaoolala said...

i looovoe the swimsuit!!!

samanthaparks said...

Hi i just so happen to buy this same bathing suit but in white. May i ask how much u paid for it?