Monday, 7 July 2008

7 7 08

I had to pop into town today to get a few bits, one being a new pair of high waist jeans. Ages ago I bought a pair from TopShop, but the knees would go baggy after about half an hour of wearing them, and even though they fit nicely everywhere else, they were way too big on the waist and I would have to cinch it right in with a belt – causing some bunching! So I gave up on those... then I got a pair from Primark, they were only £12 and they have a nice amount of stretch in them, they have lasted for ages but unfortunately I have literally worn them to death and it’s about time I got a new pair. A detail that I loved about the Primark jeans is that they had a corset effect, with a small zip and 5 buttons, instead of the really long zip and a button at the top, so hopefully I can find a pair with the same look!

I would really like a pair that are slightly cropped to just above the ankle, and they do have a pair like that in TopShop, but I am a bit dubious as to whether they will be any good or not after my previous experience with their denim!

High Waist Skinny Crop Jean from TopShop £35

I thought these jeans by Cheap Monday at Urban Outfitters were going to be perfect, until I looked at some close-up pictures, and the belt loops are on the hip instead of the waist. Why?!?!?!!!

High Waist Skinny Jean by Cheap Monday at Urban Outfitters £19.99

Now these jeans would be perfect!! I love how the high waist is completely over exaggerated. I think they look fierce! Unfortunately I cannot afford to spend £140 on jeans, or anything for that matter!

The Greatest High Waist Jeans Ever from Diesel at £140

I think the safest bet is going to be these ones from Freemans. They look quite similar to my Primark ones, and they are only £35.

High Waist Corset Jean from Freemans £35

If anybody knows of any other high waist skinny jeans then let me know! Thanks!


coco said...

I find jeans shopping so hard, I always think Uni Qlo has a good selection of styles though!

makemoremistakes said...

I never ever ever wear jeans for this reason. It's just so infuriating!
And thank you for the lovely lovely comment.
Hope you are having a wonderful day love.


makemoremistakes said...

I hate jeans shopping for this very reason. It makes me so flustered.

Thanks for the lovely comment! Hope you are having a wonderful day love.


Susan said...

I love all these high waisted jeans. My fellow blogger Wendy-May has some from Topshop with a corsety bit. They were in the sale a bit ago not sure if they still have them though. good luck on your search!

CoutureCarrie said...

I have not embarked on the high waist skinny journey yet, but your choice seems sound... My fave skinnies are J Brand; not sure if they have a high waisted version. Good luck and happy shopping!

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I'm desperate for some highwaist jeans, but I can only find them online and I'm determined to try them on before I purchase!