Monday, 21 July 2008

21 7 08

Whilst on my way to Brick Lane on Friday, I found a stall in Spitafields that sold the cutest hand made brooches and soft toys. Then I noticed these heart brooches and realised it was the same one that Amy Winehouse is always sporting in her beehive.

The shop is called Love from Hetty & Dave, and sells wonderful hand-stitched leather accessories. I fell in love when I spied this Elvis doll:

There is a range of other dolls (called Gaborgs!) including Heather Mills (complete with a peg leg!), Pete Burns, Andy Warhol, and Mr. T!
I think their stuff is absolutely fantastic, if you do too then go and take a peek at their Etsy shop!


Kira Fashion said...

there is no one like her, for sure :) hehehe

a kiss!!!

Kira Fashion said...

she is really unique!!


more kisses!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

those brooches are so cute, im sure I saw a website where you could get a personalised one, at a higher price...hmm!

Lady Melbourne said...

Mmmm, very cool indeed! Spitafields market is on my to do list when I get to London in that case!

coco said...

I really like Amy's hair pin. I think it is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Amy is so unexpected )))

Hugs from Angel.

daywalker said...

Hilarious little dolls. I so want a Heather Mills doll :)