Monday, 27 October 2008

27 10 08

For those of you looking past the winter months and into the summer, here are some Spring/Summer 09 trends in vintage!

Trend 1 - Bright colours. Summer is the perfect time to be bold, so anything bright and eyecatching will work wonderfully.

1970's pink maxi dress - Dorotheas Closet Vintage £67.50
This dress really is something! Personally I would cut the sleeves of and maybe change the neck line to make the shape similar to the blue Michael Kors dress.

1940's mustard silk crepe dress - Vintage Martini £47.50
I love the shape of this dress, especially the draping detail on the skirt. Although the sleeves would need to be made shorter for the summer months, I don't think I would have the heart cutting something so old!

Trend 2 - Gold. Eveningwear has taken a glamorous turn with gold being the hot colour for those summer nights.

1950's Emma Domb gold brocade dress - Antique Dress £342
Emma Domb was a California dressmaking company from 1939 to the 1970s, they specialized in wedding, party and prom dresses, and were also known for fancy date ensembles.

1960's gold shimmer dress - Buffalo Gal Vintage £32
This dress is more of a subtle gold, but it does have some beautiful embroidery which makes up for its lack of shine.

1960's gold cocktail dress - Vintageous £85
The extra photographs on the website show the beautiful bow detail on the back of this dress.

Trend 3 - Floral. Floral is one of those trends that never really goes away, but comes around every summer. So take note - never throw out any of your floral dresses!

1950s yellow floral dress - Proper Vintage Clothing £50
I love this dress, it's so sweet! I can imagine wearing this to a picnic on a warm summers day.

1940's pink blossom print dress - Freudian Slips Vintage £75
This is my favourite item out of the whole post. I love the soft feminine print, and the dusty pink colour.

Late 50s-early 60s red flower dress - Tangerine Boutique Vintage £57.50
This dress reminds me of the red floral peplum dress from the Sex and the City movie. The figure-hugging shape makes it more chic and less girly.


Anonymous said...

The "1950's Emma Domb gold brocade dress" is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

carrie / wishwishwish said...

love the luella stuff!

coco said...

I love the yellow with the pink bow. So striking.

Wendy said...

I was actually thinking to myself today that I need some bright colored items in my closet.

Victoria-Olivia said...

The last dress is so pretty, my fave is the gold brocade dress, so lovely.
Oh the picture on my ring is marilyn monroe. I've tagged you on my blog too :)