Sunday, 10 August 2008

10 8 08

Art Deco has always been a style that I adored; I would love to have a house filled with antique furniture from the period and a wardrobe full of sparkly fringed dresses.
If I were brave enough I would have my hair cut into a Louise Brooks style bob, but it is quite drastic, and if it doesn’t suit you, there isn’t much you could do with it!

There was a hint of 1920’s glamour on the Spring/Summer 2007 runways, with turbans popping up all over the place.

I don’t think it was an easy trend to pull off as I didn’t see many people trying to attempt it, but I think it you are looking for an authentic 20’s look then it should definitely make an appearance.
I have been on the search for a nice antique dressing table for a while now, but all the good ones I come across are very expensive or they are pick-up-only on eBay and are too far away! I love all the details on this dresser from eBay like the stepped drawers and the big round mirror.

If you just wanted a hint of the style, then Art Deco accessories are a beautiful statement:

Bag from eBay

Earrings from

Brooch from eBay

Or if you wanted to go all the way into the flapper style then here are some items that I found on the high street:

Dress from French Connection £99

Top from TopShop £38

Dress from TopShop £75

And here are some beautiful vintage 1920’s dresses:

Dress from £842

Dress from £2,875


carrie / wishwishwish said...

totally love this stuff! i love anything from that era!

makemoremistakes said...

My junior year of high school I took an AP US History class, and at the end of the year we had to do a huge project/presentation thing that was representative of an entire decade. My group chose the 20's- we decked out the entire classroom as a speakeasy, and did a 45 minute long skit/presentation/thingy that was SUPER cool and consisted of lots of homemade/edited 20's costumes, amazing makeup, roleplaying and general jazz age fun.

Needless to say, I love the 20's.


oh and p.s. you should pop into your local perfume counter and just sniff around the burberry counter. It's rather heavenly. Or you could just come visit me and sniff my wrists. Hah.

yiqin; said...

I also feel that it takes a lot of guts to cut your hair because not many girls can pull off short hair! I certainly can't. I just look chic :/

emsie said...

flapper style is really inspiring. love that jewellery, and the dresses.

Robin said...

i love the dress from french connection

The Clothes Horse said...

Fantastic pieces! I want a turban.

Cris Lazoru said...

I love love love turbans! And this post was good too.


Cheyenne said...

Great finds. That vintage dress is beautiful. I love the flapper style

roxanne said...

that brooch from ebay is beyond perfect, as is that dresser. my love for the 20s has always been deep, me dressing up as a flapper on several occasions, and louise brooks as lulu in pandora's box being part of the inspiration for my blog. a great read on the subject is flapper: a madcap story of sex, style, clebrity, and the women who made america modern by joshua zeitz. it's one of my favorites.

Savvy Mode SG said...

these fringe dresses look so savvy.

Richel said...

I love these flapper dresses. Art deco and the twenties are some fabulous concepts to create fashion inspiration from.

Anonymous said...

I have been wanting a dressing table for awhile. But, they either look cheap or if they don't they're definitely expensive. =/

Anonymous said...

Very nice style. Art deco. Hot and elegant, attracive )))


Oh the dresses are so adorable!


coco said...

I nearly brought that French Connection dress today. I think I may go pick it up later this week. I love the flapper look.

Lady Melbourne said...

Everything about Art Deco is just lovely. Well to my eyes anyhow!
Lovely choices Penny Lane.

girl on the wing said...

OH MY GOD those antique dresses are AMAZING (with price tags to match). I love the 20s, my favourite decade by far.

(On a side note, how scary is it that in the not too distant future when we talk about "the 20s" we'll be referring to the 21st century? I don't like it one bit!)

HANNAH-ZOË said...

this is a style i have always loved but it's great to see it coming back a bit, even if it doesn't catch on there will still be more stuff available for those of us who are fans of the style (:

Liv/e in Both Senses said...

Have to love the fringe dress!! Such a gorgeous dress