Thursday, 21 August 2008

21 8 08

As you may have gathered by now, I am a huge lover of vintage clothes. My favourite era’s are from the 1930’s to the late 1950’s early 1960’s. I do love fashion before the 30’s, especially Victorian costume, but right now I’m talking about clothes that I wear. I do love the colour and fun of 60’s fashion but it doesn’t really suit my body shape, 70’s fashion is a bit too garish and I’m not a big fan of paisley and some 80’s stuff is okay but I mostly like the 80’s-does-50’s looks from that era so I might as well just be wearing 50’s!
I have so much fun putting together outfits so I did a daytime and evening one for the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Enjoy!

Dress – Violetville Vintage on eBay currently £17.50
Shoes – Remix Vintage Shoes £97
Bag – eBay currently £19

Dress – Vintage Textile £700
Fur Wrap – eBay currently £100
Bag – Polkadot Jewellery £75
Shoes – eBay currently £5

Suit – £157.50
Bag – eBay currently £19.99
Shoes – eBay currently £11.50

Dress – Vintage Textile £375
Bag – eBay currently £9.99
Shoes – eBay currently £75

Dress – Vintage Martini £29
Shoes – eBay currently £5
Bag – eBay currently £5.50
Necklace – Michelle’s Vintage Jewellery £22.50

Dress - £132.50
Shoes – Hooked On Vintage £52.50
Bag – Alley Cat Vintage £17.50


LEESH said...

i love all of your outfit posts. they are perrrrfect. i love ebay too! it's seriously THE BEST feeling when you win!


Emily said...

Those clothes are beautiful, especially the evening dresses. I really love the pink striped dress too!

Emily @

LEESH said...

i totally feel your pain about the hunt for the perfect moto jacket. suprisingly, i got this one at target, and it seriously just fit SO good.. i fell in LOOVE.

The Clothes Horse said...

So glamorous! I wish I had more excuses to wear fancy 50s dresses!

Richel said...

you made vintage look so glamorous!

girl on the wing said...

So many lovely choices here - you always find such pretty things! Love the dresses at Vintage Textile especially.

Kat said...

you always choose such beauiful dresses! the terracotta coloured and the last one are soooooo pretty :)


Oh so beautiful! I enjoyed the post!


chuckles said...

my favorite are the last two outfits.
great finds!
loving the blog by the way...

Lady Melbourne said...

Oh dear, here is more money I will be spending! That 1940's suit is divine!
Love your Trashy Diva dress from previous post, I wanted that exact dress but they had run out of the fabric...

glory said...

love all the desses too...specially the last one it`totally my style..saludos

sydneydoll said...

i love vintage.

especially the 1900s and 1950s.

very different eras but both beautifully clothed.

yiqin; said...

Fantastic post! I need to find a nice jacket/coat asap. Prefereably leather!