Tuesday, 5 August 2008

6 8 08

I saw this fashion story in Marie Claire and felt truly inspired to bouffant my hair and laze about in the country in pretty tea dresses.

Image from http://www.sensibility.com/vintageimages/1900s/pagetwo.htm

Here is an outfit I have put together that I think captures the mood of the photo shoot. The shoes are the same as used in the magazine.

Dress from TopShop £45
Cardigan from Miss Selfridge £32
Tights from Monsoon £5
Shoes from Pedro GarcĂ­a approx £300

Prom dress from Freudian Slips Vintage £200
I think this might actually be the dress they used because it is the same website, the same price, the same colour - it has the same ruffles and everything!

Coat from Posh Girl Vintage approx £117
Earrings from Chanel £250


girl on the wing said...

Lovely post! I've been wanting a leopard-print coat like that since forever.

Lady Melbourne said...

Oh this is brilliant!
I need bouffant hair as well after seeing this, and a country manor!

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, this style is so glamorous! I can never figure out how to proper backcomb my hair though...I guess I just like being able to run my fingers through it too much.


What a charming post!


CoutureCarrie said...

Love this post! Great combo of editorial, history, collage and commentary! Those garden party photos are gorgeous :)


Miss Victory said...

I want a bouffant too, but I need the guts and the occasion first! Pretty shoot and great outfits.

makemoremistakes said...

mmmm so pretty! I want some frilly dresses now, and some tea in an english garden...


Anonymous said...

Really amazing shots. So retro )))