Tuesday, 12 August 2008

12 8 08

I had never heard of Etsy until last year, and was horrified at all the wonderful things that I had been missing out on, like these treasures:

Pale yellow dress £15

Red rose dress £37

Hot pink shoes £14

Deer figure £4

Owl pot £7.50

Floral teapot £17.50

It’s just like eBay but so far I have only seen stuff being sold for dollars so I’m assuming it’s only American, but I could be wrong! Either way, it is definitely worth checking out.


CoutureCarrie said...

I know, I just discovered it a month or so ago and felt so out of the loop!
Those dresses are gorgeous!


LEESH said...

isn't it so sad when you find something that people have known about for yeaaarss and you're just getting into the groove now? love etsy.. such a great site. i do believe it is american yay haha. love your blog and thank you for the comment :) i'm linking you!


coco said...

That teapot is really cute!

Wendy said...

I actually haven't had a chance to buy on esty.

Lady Melbourne said...

Come join us on etsy, you'll never want to leave!

The Clothes Horse said...

Etsy is my anti-drug. ^_-

yiqin; said...

It is about 0.35usd per strand! I got 60 strands ;) I feel that it is pretty affordable because it is def realy hair as gthere were split ends! hahahah :) Ahh yes, & yknw, my arm pit hair grows SO FAST! Why can't it grow as fast on the head :(

Janet said...

I've just come across your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Etsy is a great site, and it is international. Many sellers are from america, but will post internationlly, but there are also many UK sellers too. All prices are shown in US$ regardless of the sellers country, but there's plenty of UKers out there! Check out shop local for someone near you.